“Barrio Vivo” CALLING artists!!


“Barrio Vivo” CALLING artists!!


CALLING artists!! To participate in the largest streetart festival in Latin America. In collaboration with The Toy Museum (MUJAM) and our arts division #StreetArtMUJAM our partners Osel Painting, Tuborg and Golden Kintama are pleased to announce the invitation of artists from all over the world to intervene the “DOCTORES ART DISTRICT” which includes 5 of the most popular districts in the city.

We INVITE you to be part of this second edition of the international urban art festival “Barrio Vivo” that takes place in the downtown area of ​​Mexico City. Materials, equipment, food and tools will be provided to each artist. Also you will have the right to intervene a specific public space in this neighborhoods and some more spaces if needed. Our team will receive you with a welcome kit, food and drinks. We believe that these amazing public artworks are a great dialogue for coexistence between art and society. Creating organic cultural nurtured communities.

This festival will take place from May 24 to June 2 of this year at the museum’s timetables.



The calling for the festival will be divided into stages.

First stage.


1.      All artists will have to show an official ID. It would be part of the artists file in Barrio Vivo.

2.      As an initial welcome we will all visit the museum which will be the main venue for all the artists.

3.      Both national and international artists interested in improving public spaces and sharing experiences with other artists can participate.

4.      The festival will be divided into stages to maintain the organization of the event.

5.      Each artist will have to handle out their works, book and semblance to participate in this festival, and should be sent to the mail streetart.mujam@gmail.com with the subject “I am Barrio Vivo” .

6.      Transportation and lodging will be supported by each artist since the Museum of Toy Ancient Mexico being a private museum does not have the resources to cover these expenses. In future editions with more alliances we will be covering this fees.

7.      The reception of the book will be from January 25 to March 25, 2019. Any proposal sent before or after the established dates will not be considered to participate in the festival and there will be no exception.


Second stage.

8.      The second stage of the festival will begin as soon as the calling is closed and it consists in the review of each one of the submitted proposals, they will be examined to detail, checking their background. The jury is conformed by former participants of the festival, neighborhood partners and the Street Art management team. MUJAM will choose the artists that will be part of “Barrio Vivo” 2019




Third stage

  1. This will be the notification of artists, to each of the selected artists will be sent a formal invitation informing that it has been selected and what are the following points to carry out.
  2. All selected artists must notify that they have received their confirmation and we will be open to any clarification or doubt


Fourth stage


11.  It will be the publication of the artists selected to participate in social networks and with the mention of each of the participating artists. Each artist will have his own mention.

12.  Each artist has the responsibility to publish their participation by sharing flyers and event publications on their social networks.

13.  During the duration of the festival, artists will have free access to the museum with 2 companions.

14.  We clarify that the material granted by the museum is granted through support so that once they choose their range of colors, the museum does not commit to change any material or grant more, this will only depend on the quantity with which we ourselves let’s count and (it’s only meant for a mural).

15.  The museum will distribute food to artists whose wall is located more than 5 blocks from the venue, all other artists can directly attend to eat and hydrate.

16.  Graffiti unit will support the festival with the protection of each artist when making their murals, they will only be responsible for the activities and points agreed for the realization of the festival


Requirements and regulation:


1.      If you are selected, you must confirm your attendance to the festival within 3 days of your selection mail. If you do not meet this requirement, you will be out of the festival and another artist will be selected in your place.

2.      Each artist will have 10 days to make his mural with the support of the museum, since we can not commit to the loan of material or police support for longer than the established one.

3.      Each artist must present his final minimal sketch two weeks before the festival to review it with the organizers of the event.

4.      It is strictly forbidden to paint outside the established space, to ignore this point the museum will not be responsible for any external consequence.

5.      We remind you that the purpose of this festival is that we are a great collective, so we ask you not to steal the material because you do not steal from the festival, you steal from a fellow artist.

6.      Regarding the previous point we also ask you to take care of the material since with this you can make more murals.

7.      Because the museum is a family institution, the themes that are bloody, aggressive or that incite violence as a final sketch will not be accepted and will be eliminated immediately.

8.      It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol or any type of narcotic during the festival.

9.      In case of breaking the law (of any kind) each artist will be responsible for their crime and the museum will disclaim any responsibility.

10.  If, for any reason, the artist fails to present an official identification, they will not be able to participate in the festival for their own safety and the social responsibility of the institution.

11.  In the event that a neighbor grants another space to the artist, he or she must notify those responsible for the event to avoid any conflict.

12.  Under no circumstances will the lack of respect be tolerated (pedestrians, neighbors, spectators, staff, etc.) in case of missing this point they will be expelled from the festival, the material will be removed and the space will be granted to another artist.

13.  Any type of fight between the artists or with outsiders deserves the immediate expulsion from the festival.

14.  In case of having been expelled or having any type of conflict the artist will not be able to participate in any future edition of the festival, besides losing the opportunity to participate with the MUJAM in any type of event


The Festival:

  1. The dates of the festival will be from May 24 to June 2, these will not be extended or changed for any artist out of respect for the festival and the other artists.
  2. Participation certificates will be issued to the selected artists as well as a commemorative kit related to the festival.
  3. Any situation that is not foreseen in the previous points will be judged and will be resolved by the organizers of the event.

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